Armchairs for people with limited mobility

If you’re in search of a reclining armchair for someone with limited mobility, various solutions are available that can significantly improve the autonomy of these users, thanks to their manoeuvrability and functionality.

Here are some tips for choosing a comfortable armchair that meets the needs of people with limited mobility:

Reclining armchairs, also referred to as relaxation armchairs, come equipped with a reclining backrest and footrest to allow users to find the most comfortable position. In their simplest form, the reclining mechanism is manual, enabling users to adjust the coordinated inclination by exerting body weight against the backrest.

At Seniorcare, we recommend the use of electric reclining armchairs for individuals with limited mobility, as they facilitate sitting, reclining, and getting up. These armchairs are specifically designed to make daily life more manageable for people with limited mobility. At Seniorcare, the mechanisms we have incorporated into our reclining armchairs are smooth and user-friendly, taking into consideration both the user’s comfort and that of their caregivers.

Generally, reclining armchairs should offer stability and security, but these features are even more crucial for people with limited mobility.


What types of electric reclining armchairs do we offer at Seniorcare?

At Seniorcare, we have developed reclining armchairs with a motor that allows synchronized reclining of the backrest and footrest, which the user can easily activate using a remote control.

By holding down the button, the final position can be reached, but it is also possible to interrupt the movement at any intermediate point. Our NEPAL and LINA models are specially designed for seniors or individuals with limited mobility, offering very comfortable reclining armchairs suitable for prolonged use. The NEPAL model offers the option of lift-up arms, facilitating the transfer of the user from the armchair to the bed and easing the caregiver’s task.


NEPAL and LINA models are comprehensive solutions. In their premium version, in addition to the lift function, they incorporate the “zero gravity” position. This position provides several health benefits, such as maximum relaxation of the neck and spine, improved blood circulation, and a more restful sleep, contributing to better overall health.

For superior comfort, we also offer reclining armchairs with two motors, allowing independent reclining of the backrest and footrest, better adapting to the user’s postural needs.

Our VANIA armchair incorporates these two motors, along with the lift function.


In some manual reclining armchairs, the “Transfer” option is available, equipping the armchair with a handle on the backrest and 4 wheels, two of which have brakes, to facilitate the user’s transfers within the home or facility.

Ultimately, Seniorcare’s electric reclining armchairs for individuals with limited mobility are ideal for both domestic use and in care homes, hospitals, or day care centers. Thanks to their contemporary design, they can seamlessly integrate into any space.

At Seniorcare, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the physical and emotional well-being of seniors or individuals with limited mobility.