The Direction of JOVICAL, S.L. convinced that to ensure the success of her company it is essential to establish and develop a Quality Management System, she acquires the commitment to establish and develop said System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Standard. Quality are as follows:
• Fully satisfy customer needs, not only in relation to product quality, but also in those activities related to customer service and attention.
• Satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders, through respect, trust and mutual benefit.
• Obtain the best quality of our services, making the most of the resources that we have at all times.
• Implement the philosophy of Continuous Improvement, with the aim of offering services that are increasingly satisfactory for our clients. To do this, an attempt will be made to develop in all staff a mentality of constant improvement in their job, not only detecting faults and their causes, but also recognizing potential faults and their elimination in time.
• Ensure continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the requirements requested by the interested parties as well as the applicable regulatory and / or legal requirements.
• Bet on own design, prioritizing value for money in order to achieve a competitive product.
• Use a process risk assessment methodology to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the Quality Management System.
The values that identify JOVICAL, S.L. They are
– innovative design
– be a dynamic and flexible organization with the capacity to adapt to changes and the sector dynamics
– proximity to the customer
– the commitment with all the interested parties of the organization (clients, collaborators and staff)
Management is aware that for the above guidelines to be successfully implemented in the company, it must make the necessary resources available to the staff.
DATE: 08/01/18