Collections. Room furnishings

Comfort is the paramount necessity for bedrooms in care homes and nursing homes. Comfort for the residents, and comfort for the people accompanying them during that time. This is why it is essential to furnish them with room furniture that meets the strictest quality criteria and ensures the well-being of all users. At Seniorcare, we are committed to creating warm environments where the elderly individuals feel at home.

Room furnishings for care homes and nursing homes

When we refer to furnishing bedrooms in care homes and nursing homes, we are talking about providing wardrobes or dressers for personal belongings, bedside tables for keeping daily essentials within reach, desks, and other furniture pieces that you can find in our Mae, Noor, and Serie 100 collections. We also provide adjustable beds for residents, comfortable sofas, and even sofa beds for caregivers or relatives who may spend nights at the care home, nursing home, or hospital. Similarly, comfortable armchairs are essential for patients to spend time seated, promoting body movement and physical well-being. 


To ensure the safety and comfort of all users, it is important that storage solutions, such are wardrobes, are equipped with ergonomic handles, to facilitate the opening and closing of the doors. This ensures the autonomy of the patients and eases the work of caregivers and healthcare professionals. 


As far as dressers are concerned, it is crucial that the hardware and the opening/closing mechanisms are simple and smooth. 

At Seniorcare, we offer options that in addition to being highly functional, make the most of the available space, thanks to their spacious yet compact dimensions.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are small but highly functional pieces of furniture. This is where the residents keep everything their need for their daily lives: glasses, mobile phones, books, tissues, and more. Moreover, they prevent unnecessary and uncomfortable movements to reach dressers and wardrobes that may be far from the resident’s bed or chair. The bedside tables in our Seniorcare catalogue offer various options with drawers, doors, shelves, legs, wheels, and always with rounded edges to ensure user safety.

Beds for elderly care facilities

The resident’s bed is, undoubtedly, the primary element of equipment for bedrooms in care homes and nursing homes. It creates a personal resting space, a refuge where the elderly individuals should feel welcomed, cared for, and comfortable.

Sofas for elderly care facilities

In our collection of sofas for care homes, nursing homes, day centres, and hospitals, you can find very comfortable options that are equally functional for sitting during the day as well as for sleeping at night, simply by modifying their structure with a few simple movements. Another option in hospital room equipment is sofa beds, which unfold easily to provide the best possible rest.

Chairs for elderly care facilities

Chairs designed for elderly care facilities contribute to a more active rest for hospital patients or elderly residents in care homes and nursing homes, whether they have mobility issues or not. This alternative rest extends their range of motion and allows them to engage in additional activities in a more upright position than in the bed.

It is essential that such furniture adapted to medical environments has been designed and manufactured from high-quality, durable materials and certified production processes, like the ones we have been applying at Seniorcare from day one.