Collections. Recliners

At Seniorcare, we understand relaxation as the highest level of physical and emotional well-being that can be achieved during moments of rest when people use our furniture for elderly individuals. This holds true for all the pieces we design and manufacture, but it takes special significance in the case of recliners, armchairs with adjustable backrests that specifically adapt to the postural needs of the users.

Our recliners are equipped with all the mechanisms and features necessary to ensure comfort in any position. 

All our designs are highly customizable and offer a variety of options regarding seat height, depth, and adjustable angles, in addition to being equipped with backrests, padded armrests, and footrests.

Our recliners’ technical mechanisms are smooth and easy to use and ensure the comfort of both the user and the caregivers.

Manual recliner

In manual recliners both the backrest and the leg area are reclining, allowing you to transition from an upright seated position to a semi-reclined one in a few seconds, with complete safety and comfort, through a smooth and continuous movement.

Recliners with transit option are equipped with wheels and handle on the back, making them an ideal choice for easily transferring the patients.

Most of our manual recliners are equipped with the “Zero Gravity” position, which provides three health benefits. The first one is that it minimizes the effect of gravity on the spine, ensuring that no single point supports the full weight of the body. The “Zero Gravity” position reduces pressure on the neck and spine, helping achieve maximum neck relaxation and relieving back pain and sciatica symptoms. The second benefit is that it enhances blood circulation, as in this position, the legs are elevated above heart level. This allows oxygen and nutrients to reach all areas of the body, reducing blood pressure and improving heart health. The third benefit of the “Zero Gravity” position is complete relaxation and rest, contributing to better sleep quality and overall health.

Electric recliners

Electric recliners make sitting, standing, and reclining effortless for the user. The versatility and customization of our recliners are one of our priorities, which is why most of our electric collections are available with both single-motor reclining mechanisms and motorized lift, or with a double motor option, ensuring optimal relaxation. One of the great advantages of models equipped with electric motors is that the position can be stopped at any point along the entire range of motion for personalized comfort. Electric recliners from Nepal, Lina and New Cloe collections also feature the “Gravity Zero” position, allowing the user to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation.