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The choice of the bed is crucial for the comfort of elderly individuals or individuals with mobility issues residing in care homes, nursing homes, or hospitals. 

Beds for elderly care facilities

Our electric adjustable beds are designed to facilitate the control of all mechanisms, providing residents or patients increased independence while also simplifying the work of their caregivers. Using a remote control, you can adjust the tilt and elevation to find the exact position that suits your needs, depending on your desired posture.

Special beds

At Seniorcare we specialize in furniture for care homes and nursing homes, and we work to adapt our products and processes to the specific needs of elderly and dependent individuals. Recognizing the unique circumstances of those with senile dementia and similar conditions, our catalogue includes the Alzheimer model, a bed with Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg elevations of up to 11 degrees, whose range of adjustment and articulation is specially designed for the care of these individuals.  

Lift mechanisms, headboards, and side rails

The accessories for beds in senior care facilities, such as side rails, lift mechanisms, headboards and supports, provide a higher level of comfort and safety for the elderly or dependant individuals. Additionally, they make the daily routines of their caregivers, whether they are relatives or specially trained professionals, more manageable. At Seniorcare, we ensure that our beds for elderly individuals are equipped with the elements that guarantee a good rest. All our collections include them.


Our mattress collection places special emphasis on this crucial piece of furniture, as it is the element in constant contact with the resident or patient. Our mattresses seamlessly adapt to adjustable beds and fulfil the unique needs of elderly and dependent individuals, as well as those with mobility issues. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in their manufacturing, they provide the utmost comfort and rest.