Collections. Tables

At Seniorcare, we approach the furnishing of elderly care facilities, day centres, and hospitals comprehensively, always keeping in mind the well-being of the residents, their relatives, and the professionals responsible for their care. This also includes tables for elderly care facilities. 

Our tables for the elderly are designed and manufactured with the end-user in mind, allowing them to live in the most comfortable position, regardless of the activity they are engaged in. At Seniorcare, we offer options for adjustable tables, coffee tables, and multipurpose tables for dining areas and common areas, with reduced or concealed frames, making it easier for individuals who require the use of a transfer chair or a wheelchair to access them.

Lift tables

An example of the high level of functionality of our lift tables is the Multi collection, a folding option equipped with a gas mechanism that simplifies the use and lifting processes. 

It is ideal as a complement for the wide range of armchairs available at Seniorcare, for supporting objects. It can even be used during meal service, if circumstances require, thanks to its tray made of compact and durable material.

Coffee tables

Design, quality materials, and sturdiness are some of the features that our coffee tables share, making them particularly useful in common areas, waiting rooms, and relaxation areas.

Tables for dining and common areas

In common areas, residents of care homes and nursing homes can talk, watch TV, play cards, and even enjoy their meal. For this reason, the tables provided in these spaces must be versatile and adapt to the users’ specific needs.

To accommodate wheelchairs’ users as comfortably as possible, these tables are slightly taller and wider. Furthermore, our collections are versatile, and they include square, rectangular, or round options with wooden or metal legs.