At Seniorcare, we specialize in manufacturing furniture for elderly care facilities with a strong commitment to the comfort and quality of life for both the residents and their caregivers.

Extensive catalogue

Designed to meet a wide range of needs in elderly care facilities including nursing homes, care homes, day centres, and even in hospital environments.


We offer a wide selection of chairs, armchairs, recliners, tables, sofas, side tables, beds, and more, with a carefully designed and functional aesthetic.

Quality standards

All our products are manufactured by expert and qualified personnel in our spacious and modern facilities located in Crevillente (Alicante), with manufacturing, distribution, and environmental management processes certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 140001.

Global distribution

In such a competitive and global environment, projects can arise anywhere. We adapt to our clients’ needs and deliver our furniture anywhere in the world.

Featured collections

We offer nearly 50 collections of chairs, beds, armchairs, recliners, tables, sofas, and specialized furniture for nursing homes and care homes. Our designs are unique, dynamic, and functional, catering to a wide range of needs while adding elegance and a fresh touch.







At Seniorcare, we pay attention to every detail to take care of you

Carefully designed

At Seniorcare, we understand the challenges that senior individuals face in our society. Conscious of their physical limitations and specific needs, we maintain a strong commitment to providing adapted and ergonomic furniture solutions for care homes and nursing homes, thanks to careful designs and in-house manufacturing. To achieve this, we collaborate with some of the most internationally recognized product designers, combining expertise, design, elegance, and quality.


With years of experience in manufacturing specialized furniture for care homes, nursing homes, day centres, and hospitals, we adhere to the highest quality standards, from material selection to the manufacturing and upholstery processes. We use top-grade beechwood and sturdy metal structures, along with durable fabrics that meet all the requirements for care homes and nursing homes environments, ensuring proper hygiene and maximum durability.


Our experience as furniture manufacturers in other sectors such as office, contract, and home furnishings, drives us to introduce more modern and diverse finishes in the field of furniture for elderly care facilities. We aim to provide design not only through ergonomics, functionality, and comfort, but also through beauty, colour, and quality. Colours can influence emotions, which is why we offer a wide range of colour choices in all our fabrics, geared towards creating cheerful and positive environments.


At Seniorcare, we are committed to caring not only for the users of our products but also for their caregivers. We understand that the ease of handling furniture, its edges or corners, its weight, or its adjustment system for a specific position should be simple and efficient, reducing the effort required for those who use it.

The best solutions in nursing homes and care homes furnishings

Furniture solutions for care homes and nursing homes

Lounge chairs

It is essential that lounge chairs for nursing homes and care homes are exceptionally comfortable, but they must also be safe. Safety and quality are essential in all our furniture collections. We select durable and long-lasting materials and designs that are ideal for relaxation areas and waiting rooms in healthcare centres, particularly in nursing homes and care homes.

Chairs and armchairs

Furniture for care homes and nursing homes is designed to achieve flexible use of spaces. The chairs and armchairs we define at Seniorcare are highly functional in bedrooms, dining areas, common areas and visitor waiting zones. With various designs, heights, and finishes, they allow for maximum customization of the aesthetics of care homes and nursing homes.


We specifically focus on recliners, which are reclining armchairs with adjustable backrests and elevating footrests, operated by either manual or electric mechanisms. These recliners are particularly useful and comfortable for elderly individuals with mobility issues.


With our sofa collections, we provide comfort to shared spaces, creating environments for communication and connection, always adhering the highest standards of quality and safety. In our catalogue, we also present various models of sofa beds, especially suitable for caregivers and relatives in healthcare centres.


Tables are the perfect complement to the chairs, armchairs, recliners, and sofas we manufacture at Seniorcare. Available in various sizes and designs, our options include coffee tables, dining tables, multipurpose tables, and adjustable tables. Our multipurpose tables are designed to accommodate individuals who use a wheelchair or a transit chair.

Bedroom furniture

Furniture for elderly care facilities should be thoughtfully designed to create warm and inviting environments where seniors can fully enjoy their leisure time. For this reason, we prioritize simple and pleasing silhouettes with impeccable finishes. Our goal is to create spaces that evoke the comfort and warmth of one’s own home. Furthermore, all our furniture is meticulously crafted for high-traffic environments, ensuring maximum durability.


Our array of beds designed for nursing homes, care homes, and hospital environments includes various categories, each tailored to the specific needs of the space in question. We provide a diverse range of adjustable beds meticulously designed for the care and safety of elderly individuals or patients with mobility issues. Additionally, we offer a dedicated model designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s. These beds are equipped with elevating and reclining features that not only improve the mobility and safety of their users but also ease the burden on caregivers.