Since our inception over forty years ago, we have operated as a family business, upholding values that revolve around the close-knit relationships within our human team, suppliers, and collaborators.

Throughout our journey, we have consistently upheld ethical standards that reflect our sense of responsibility. Today, as we enter the second generation, our commitment to the future of the company remains resolute.

This is why we not only manufacture products designed to be beautiful and enhance the lives of those who use them, but we also strive to ensure that our entire production process is sustainable, as we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment.


We cultivate relationships based on core values within our three areas of influence. 

First and foremost, with the entire human team that makes up our company. We understand that a great work environment built on good interpersonal relationships is reflected in the quality of our products. We highly value our people.

Secondly, we treat our suppliers and providers as an essential part of the quality of everything we offer. We consider them as part of our team.

Thirdly, customer satisfaction and the well-being of the end users of our products are paramount in our goals. We firmly believe that we are not merely manufacturing products but also making a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of seniors, enabling them to live with greater comfort. There is no greater source of satisfaction than this. 

We are committed to the environment in each of our processes.

Quality products with a long lifespan

We strive to create high-quality products with a long lifespan, thereby minimizing waste generation. Beginning with responsible design, we aim for each of our products to have an extended lifecycle. This is why we develop designs that are aesthetically timeless, and, in conjunction with a careful selection of the finest materials, ensure high durability in demanding usage environments. 


The quality of our products is certified by independent laboratories such as AIDIMME and CETEM, following international quality standards. Additionally, we are partners with IBV (Biomechanics Institute of Valencia), with whom we collaborate.

Carefully selected materials

From the moment we conceive a new collection, we place great emphasis on the careful selection of materials to be used in the manufacturing process. We evaluate the origin, production process, environmental impact, durability, quality, and recyclability of each component.


We aim to be responsible participants in a chain that begins with the producers of our raw materials and ends with the finished product we deliver to our customers. Moreover, whenever possible, we collaborate with local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and foster long-term trusted relationships.


This is why all our production processes are centralized within our facility in Crevillente (Alicante), ensuring that they are 100% Made in Spain and closely tied to the Mediterranean essence of light and colours that characterizes our collections.


Our suppliers share this philosophy and make a clear commitment to maintaining sustainable processes and materials that ensure the creation of high-quality products while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.


We prioritize wood over less eco-friendly components. We select suppliers who participate in the protection of our forests, ensuring future forest sustainability. We carefully choose the wood we use so that our solid structures provide the best balance between aesthetics and strength.


All the wood we use is PEFC chain of custody certified, ensuring that the wood comes from sustainability managed forests.


We collaborate with industry-leading fabric companies specifically tailored for care homes, nursing homes and hospital use, all of which have sustainability certifications regulated by the EU. These certifications serve as a guarantee of environmental excellence and as an unwavering commitment to quality.


Throughout the entire production process of the fabrics we use, our suppliers ensure the smallest environmental footprint possible. Their production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that efficiently utilize natural resources and prevent the release of harmful by-products into the environment.


Our commitment to continuous improvement, product quality, and the environment is reflected in the implementation of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards. 


Remaining in a state of continuous improvement is a guarantee that we will leave future generations a better world to live in. We are aware that by manufacturing durable products, always placing the end user at the centre, through a constant focus on innovation, and a thoughtful approach to selecting the most sustainable materials, we are making our positive contribution to that vision of the future.